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World Aspergers' Organization

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Why I wish to join this organization

first off I was Raised in a democratic capitalist family in Brazil but when I went and lived for 3 years in the us I was brainwashed by the left and taught to basically be a sjw I was able to snap out of it and decided to protect my rights before it’s too late I left the us and live in Brasil here things haven’t caught on yet, in my opnion equality is being able to be able Tô say whatever you want about any race / sexuality / religion and I believe in being able to have a free market and do whatever I want as long it’s legal and if I can’t vote my leaders I’d rather die also im have autism btw. honestly wanna join because of my hatred towards sjw/commies for making my life hell I wanna make sure they dont get more power if I can be a thorn in their side it’s fine I really want to fuck them up That’s my rant/application

World Aspergers' Organization


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