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Greetings I am born in South East Asia to decent religious parents. I became aware of my higher cognitive abilities when I started to doubt why I am so different to normal people. I am currently officially diagnosed with Aspergers. I believe the Japanese are on the right track to becoming a world super power, with their amazing work ethics and culture. Of course, I believe capitalism is the best system for any country looking to be on the top in terms of development. We aspergers with our better cognitive abilities should take in charge of politics and the economy. Because our brains are wired differently and we cannot be corrupted in our ideals unlike normal people. In order for a country to prosper, the people must be given democratic rights to make decisions for the future. The people must be rewarded for their own hard work and not have their production forcibly redistributed. I appreciate Japan for taking initiative for founding WAO and I hope this movement takes off and becomes a major influencing body on worldwide politics. As a capitalist, democratic and law-abiding citizen I look forward to becoming a member of this organization. Thank you all.

Billy Billy
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