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Christian Müller isn't my real name. I was born in 1999. I was raised in a catholic family. I got to interact with many different people and cultures throughout my childhood. When a person misbehaved, I'd intuitively call them out, which led to many physical conflicts. One of my teachers doubting I was able to feel sympathy, led to me being diagnosed with 'Atypical Autism'. I got benefits from the state, because I was never able to mimic the basics of neurotypical behavior. People thought I was dumb, but under the conditions they tested me, at age 17, my IQ was 120+. Currently I get paid by the state to work for an IT-firm, but I haven't spent any of the money I got.

I speak English, French, German and Chinese.

I started admiring the Jews and the Chinese about four years ago.

I personally encourage old and retarded people to sacrifice their lives for scientific research.

I believe in freedom of speech, in capitalism and in strict laws.

I believe in technocracies.

I want to be a member, because I'm interested in the concept of Game B, a novel discourse and sense-making community.

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