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A Short and Brief Introduction to World Aspergers' Organization’s Mission

We are pleased to have received your visit to our website and thank you for your interest in our organisation and the information we have provided.

World Aspergers' Organization is both an economical and a political movement, the aim of which is to connect the world Aspergers to promote the cooperation of us. We are going to seek prosperity, power and honor for Aspergers and to emerge from our current state of poverty and vulnerability.

We are an online movement, and organized efforts to push for a particular goal, which is establishing a virtual parliament of world Aspergers'. We want to achieve the goal anonymously, through the use of new communications and information technologies.

Membership Requirements

The World Aspergers’ Organization has three principles: Capitalism, Democracy and Law.

We World Aspergers' Organization absolutely must be an organization dedicated to promoting responsible subjectship/citizenship and good government and community and national and international welfare.

Therefore, members of WAO absolutely must be law-abiding subjects/citizens of their Monarchs/Republics with the common sense of democratism and capitalism, too.

We consistently refuse the participation of individuals with anti-capitalist or anti-democratic beliefs, and individuals who lack the law-abiding spirit.

The members’ definition of capitalism and democratism must conform to the definition of existing capitalist democracies.

Our Means

We Aspergers must attain prosperity economically and power politically.

WAO is going to set up a global parliament of Aspergers to work out an economical and political development policy. We will collect money and support the businesses of world Aspergers, to make the world Aspergers a successful and prosperous diaspora like Chinese and Jews.

Sovereignty of Members

The members have the right to initiate a veto and to vote to veto the activities of the organization.

Furthermore, no one can be expelled or restricted as far as 1) their concept about democracy and capitalism correspond with the philosophy of at least one country which is widely considered to be a capitalist democracy, and 2) their act is in accordance with the law of the country they are living or acting in.


If our mission and values resonate with you, and you want to be a part of the movement — please join us!

By joining World Aspergers’ Organization, you agree to our Three Principles :

  1. Capitalism (You must be a capitalist, and your definition of capitalism must conform to the definition of at least one existing country which is widely considered to be a capitalist democracy.)

  2. Democratism (You must be a democratist, and your definition of democracy must conform to the definition of at least one existing country which is widely considered to be a capitalist democracy.)

  3. Law-abiding (You must obey the law of the country you are living or acting in.)

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