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Volunteers wanted! | WAOボランティア応援団団員大大大募集!!

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My workload increases!

Supporter volunteers needed who could divide my to-dos below.

Y'm looking forward to hearing from you in the replies to this post!

[ 2022/02/06 ToDo]

  1. ワイのTodoを分担できるボランティアを募集Recruiting volunteers who can divide my ToDos: Opening recruiting station, adding tweets to the bot to recruit volunteers

  2. ツイッターでフォローしてくれた人に返信Replying to our new followers on Twitter

  3. ツイデモの開始と終了をアナウンスするツイートを自動化するAutomate tweets announcing the start and end of Twidemo

  4. 学生部コミュニティに追記するAdd original text to the student division

  5. ボットに学生部紹介ツイートを追加するAdd tweets to the bot to introduce the newly established students division

  6. 有名大の学生を勧誘する方法を作る方法を考えるThink about how to make a way to recruit students from famous universities

  7. 支部を作りたい大学をリストアップする listing up the famous universities where we want to establish brancches of the students division

  8. 有名大に支部をつくる。Create branches at top university

  9. Learning Velo:Data API Veloの勉強

  10. Posting summary of the report [ Research ] what other movements and parties do to keep their members active? in English

  11. Listing up Asperger medias

  12. Sending a message to Asperger media.

  13. Develop the details of the new party’s policies and system

  14. Planning activities for the members of the new party

  15. Writing Manifesto about the new party’s policies

  16. Adding Asperger quotes to the bot's auto tweets

  17. Scheduling call-to-apply tweets

  18. Scheduling explaining-WAO tweets in not Japanese languages

  19. Scheduling join-to-official-group tweets in not Japanese languages

  20. Writing new random tweets for the bot

  21. Planning Events → TwiDemo

  22. list up the twitter hashtags for each languages

  23. translating articles

  24. Creating original menu for languages and replace the current one on the top right

  25. Finishing the blog post about the definition of democracy


万国攸政社応援団の公式コミュニティです。情報収集、投稿作業、翻訳等々、 手伝って下さるボランティアの方を募集しております...


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